Lets encrypt! Yes! but?

Hi Complete Noob here,

I an thinking of moving to DH as it has Lets Encrypt backed in(?)
My question is, can i have https with all the sites i host off DH or is it restricted to just one?
also i though you needed a unique IP for SSL? or does the certbot take care of that?

thanks in advance,

You don’t need a unique IP with lets encrypt. You’re also not limited to one domain.

Don’t you still need the unique ip for Windows XP support? Otherwise your site doesn’t support SNI.

Maybe I’m wrong but SNI is just an extension of TLS? TLS is a support feature on the browser… Now if if XP does not support it natively it’s because you cannot upgrade internet exploder any higher because its been end of mainstream updates since 2009…

I suppose, if anyone still has to use XP… (Insert shudder) you can load Chrome or Mozilla flavored browsers that have the TLS support that may be missing on XP natively?

I cant imagine people willingly wanting to stay on XP anymore… Its a 15 year old operating system… It’s time to get over it… There are now 4 iterations of operating systems in between now…


Apparently XP’s share of the market even increased earlier this year. Eventually everyone will be on XP or Windows 10. As good as XP was back in the day

Thank you for the replies.

  1. no limits to the number of https sites.
  2. no need for static/unique IP.

Finally, does the feature work 99% of the time (?) as I would like to incorporate ecommerce into my site.

I cannot say 100% as nothing in life is 100%. But it’s 99.999%