Let's Encrypt Wildcard SSL

I have not found if Dreamhost support Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificates that they are providing as of Jan 2018 https://letsencrypt.org/2017/07/06/wildcard-certificates-coming-jan-2018.html


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Although original announced for January, the Let’s Encrypt’s wildcard support was delayed until March. It was opened for production last week: ACME v2 Production Environment & Wildcards

It will be interesting to see if DreamHost adds wildcard support, but note that Let’s Encrypt recommends non-wildcard certs for most sites, so DH might stick with non-wildcard.

I’m curious, how would wildcard certs be useful on DreamHost?

I’m running a WordPress multisite installation on a DreamHost VPS. It has wildcard DNS enabled so that I can create sites on subdomains, for example site1.example.com and site2.example.com, in an automated way. I’d like for all of the sites (subdomains) to use only HTTPS so I purchased a 3rd party wildcard (*.example.com) SSL certificate from Comodo and am using that. **I’m having an issue getting JetPack connected on my sites, main URL and subdomains with this setup. I get a cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate.

I could use a new Let’s Encrypt certificate for each subdomain if there was a way to do that programmatically, but I was told by DreamHost support that’s not possible. So I’d like to use the wildcard Let’s Encrypt certificate for the whole domain and all subdomains when and if that is supported.

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Same here.

I also need Wildcard SSL for the same reason, two WordPress multisites and one WordPress multisite with wildcard subdomains.

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General comments:

Let’s Encrypt certs can be auto-generated, installed, renewed.

Another example of application: On one domain I have subdomains for dev, support, wiki, forum, etc. It’s a choice to create those as sub-domains rather than folders off a primary. WordPress MultiSite is extremely common too.

If you’re running in DreamCompute (I’m a happy camper there) you won’t be subject to whatever DH decides not to support. And if you’re getting hits on your multisite enviroment, you might want to consider DC anyway.

I am also very interested in this. Please add support for wildcard certificates.

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