Let's Encrypt support

New project collaboration between Mozilla, the EFF, Akamai, Cisco, and others to increase the amount of web traffic being encrypted (HTTPS): https://letsencrypt.org/

It would be neat if DreamHost would implement this so it’d be as easy as toggling it on on the domain editing page/form.

Note that the service doesn’t roll out until 2015, so this is just a heads up for now, so hopefully you can have this ready to roll out as soon as Let’s Encrypt is publicly released. :wink:

More background:

We’re aware of this project, and we’re looking into it with great interest.

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Glad to hear it! … So am I…


Supporting Let’s Encrypt should be a priority for DreamHost, along with getting MySQL and phpymyadmin upgraded…

I’m keeping tabs on Let’s Encrypt as well. I’d love to see DreamHost support it.


I’d love to see Let’s Encrypt on shared servers, that would be awesome beyond words. Everyone whose website I admin here (and elsewhere) wants https.

I would also like to see Let’s Encrypt support. Wouldn’t unlimited, free, automatic TLS certificates for all websites be a nice perk for DreamHost to offer?


Bump. We definitely need this now that it can be integrated into Dreamhost and is supported by all browsers.

yeah, thatd be cool. but until then, theres startssl.com free certificates, which dont cause browser warns like the selfsilgned ones do. its kind of a pain, as you have to validate your email, and domain, then request the cert, then manually install it… but… free.

We’re actively working to add support for Let’s Encrypt certificates.

Sweet! Looking forward to it.

Just wanted to say that I am glad DH is working on integrating Let’s Encrypt. I have a certificate for my top level domain, but I need it for subdomains as well, and I don’t want to have to pay for a cert for every subdomain.

Yay! As of a week ago, they announced they were now cross-signed and therefore trusted by all browsers. It sounds like they are ready to go, and I await DH support for this.

Awesome, glad to hear you guys are planning to support it!
Now I’m gonna be “that guy” and ask—any idea of ETA?

Now that Let’s Encrypt has started to invite people to join the beta roll-out, this would be especially nice. Will you send out an email when support is available? Or provide a page in the panel for us to sign up to be notified?

I’m a DreamHost customer and also approved for the Let’s Encrypt beta. So I am happy to help beta test the integration.

Are you going to try to use shell access to install it?

I have shared hosting, with shell access. But manually running the Let’s Encrypt script to get a certificate is tricky, because it assumes it will run as root, and tries to install dependencies, when I don’t have root. So I haven’t gotten that to work.

I’m assuming that whatever DreamHost comes up with will work for shared hosting as well, and not require root.