Let's Encrypt Cert broke my Wordpress Multisite

I added the Let’s Encrypt Cert to my Wordpress Multisite.

Attempted to follow: https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/218428687-How-do-I-use-an-SSL-certificate-with-WordPress-

My URL broke and could not access my WP dashboard to do Step 2 — Update database URLs (with a plugin)

A “The page isn’t redirecting properly” error. Possibly a “redirect loop” error? As I have my root site daedesign,com redirect to daedesign,com/work

I removed the https redirect and that didn’t help.
Then the entire cert. No change.

Ultimately, I do want the cert and https.
Any help here would be amazingly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

I’d try that “attempt” again.

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Dreamhost support, after telling me I’d need to pay them to fix it because they don’t support WP Multisites, eventually fixed it for free. They told me the issue was caused by the wrong home URL of the site.

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I :heart: free! @DreamHost rock!

Off Topic: I’m interested in why you chose to implement WP Multisites. Is the choice in order to host work-in-progress website designs on your official domain for clients?

Pays to do the research :slight_smile:

Nice of DreamHost to do your work for you free.

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