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Brand new site on dreamhost launched yesterday. Its written in Ruby on Rails 1.1.2. Feel free to ask questions if you need help, and feel free to use the new site (its in beta, so I need as many users as possible).



I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many elements in all my life! I strongly recommend that you use the right element for the job, otherwise you will find that you won’t get as good a search engine ranking as you would like.

Use headings when you need a title for a particular section (

Use paragraphs instead of line breaks (

Don’t misuse the alt attribute. It is supposed to be used to provide an alternative in the event something cannot be rendered (like an image).

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The site’s well-organized and has a crisp, fast loading layout. The actual code should be polished. Yep, for starters, “span” should at least have an attribute (a reason for using it?), and there are a lot of elements that don’t belong inside it (lists & forms, etc.). Not that most visitors will notice the code- they’ll probably just enjoy your site.