Let go of my domain

Dreamhost please let go of my domain, I am leaving you guys due to the constant stress you’ve caused me. and on my way out of your services you hold on to my domain so i cannot use it for a cheaper price else where. I registered here only for the domain so my domain was NOT free.

My website will be down until i can get my domain back from you guys who are holding it hostage. :frowning:
guys please, you guys have no idea how serious this is right now and how your ruining my website right now…

Have you filed a support ticket with specific details as to what you need DreamHost to do?

Dreamhost never holds you hostage, you can always change your nameservers even if it is too soon to transfer a domain.

Calm down, they are not holding you hostage. If you think they are you are misinformed.

We are not “holding your domain hostage”. You registered your domain through DreamHost late last year; as a result, the domain will remain registered with DreamHost until you transfer it to another registrar or it expires (which will happen once its one-year registration is up).

Outside of certain unusual circumstances which do not apply here, we cannot “let go of” a domain that has been registered, other than by letting it expire or allowing it to be transferred. If you want to move the registration to another company, you will need to do so by transferring it.

your right, i apologies, I was just shocked and upset at the moment of doing things. Im gonna stay with you guys since i realised you protect my private information aswell which was a plus. Please forgive me, and you may close this.

lakerat! why aren’t you a mod yet, you are always here to help me! thanks but im going to stick around alot longer for another year until i fully figure things out.

I was moving way to fast and shot ahead before thinking and ending up blowing and wasting so much money trying to change things and reverse them. :confused: