Less CSS is a ruby gem (not just for ruby projects though, it can be used through terminal easily). Here is the description of what it can do, from lesscss.org:

[quote]LESS extends CSS with: variables, mixins,
operations and nested rules. Best of all,
LESS uses existing CSS syntax. This means
you can rename your current .css files to .less
and they’ll just work.


If anyone is interested in less css, I have submitted a Suggestion for it over at the dreamhost panel (pending approval); vote it up if you get a chance.

My question… Would anyone be able to guide me on how to install LessCSS in my account? I’m not too familar with ruby & installing your own gems on dreamhost. It’s a big ask. I was directed here by support.


LESS Css has been added to the dreamhost suggestions list. please vote up.