Less spam lately?

Anyone else noticed a LOT less spam from the penny stocks and drug companies?

Whatever happened, thank you and let’s hope it stays that way.

Don’t curse it!


Are you using the junkmail filter?

We did some spamassassin rule updating as well as adding in some new ones. The extra rules seemed to help a lot with our own spam issues on our company mail server.

As Wholly said… Cross fingers, knock wood, and all that.

We have some more improvmenets in the works, too.

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Thanks for what you’ve done. It certainly does seem to have eliminated the very repetitive ones we were getting.


Yes, I’ve been using it for quite some time.

It was fortunate that some of my clients had requested something be done about the spam and you happened to have done this right after I promised I would resolve it. Otherwise, nothing I could have done would have fixed it, it seemed like the tag & quarantine levels did very little to prevent the spam…they were generally mails like “Barbera wrote:”, “Happy NW Calvin”, and other nonsense. They would change daily to different subject lines. They were also going to all of my domains so it wasn’t careless email usage by the clients.

Regardless, the past few days have been a little slice of heaven!

Yup. I was getting about 15 - 25 spam messages a day.

I’ve noticed, I’m now getting 1 = 3 a day. Thank you :slight_smile:


It’s always nice when DH makes you look like a hero.