Leaving after over a decade with DreamHost

I’ve been a loyal and happy customer of DreamHost for well over a decade but it’s time to go!

I was aware of the price increase and was fine with that.
But I woke up this morning and their system auto-billed me for another year.
I never turned on auto billing and never before have they auto billed me.
And they system had my old plan locked out until the moment it switched over to the new plan and auto billed me. I tried to take care of it last week. (didn’t notice the auto bill auto turned on)
This created financial difficulties for me that could have easily been avoided if not for DreamHosts computer sucking cash out of my bank account at 2:30AM!

Like I said, I’ve been very happy with DreamHost for many years, but it’s not the first time their system has screwed me. A couple years ago I made an affiliate link for one of my clients to signup for a shared hosting plan, he clicked though that and went on and ordered a $350/mo dedicated server instead. It wasn’t the exact affiliate plan I created for him so the system gave me zero credit or thanks. I contacted support that time, but they wouldn’t lift a finger to make it right.

The account automation that DreamHost has been developing the last few years just totally sucks!
And there are better more modern hosting solutions available these days. Time to move on!

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