Laws surrounding Rumour website? Might get in serious trouble!

Hi everyone!

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I was wondering if someone can help. Basically i have set up a niche website that posts rumours about an organisation. The organisation is the Scottish Golf Union. I live in Scotland myself BUT i host my site from the USA.

My question is: the organisation have warned that if i were to post any content that is detrimental to their image without suffient evidence then they are willing to take 'appropriate action.'
However i heard that they cannot track or get hold of my details as my site is hosted in the US and i live in the UK. Something to do with federal laws??

Does anyone have experience to say if i could get into serious trouble or is there nothing to worry about. I am also going to put a disclaimer on the site saying that all info is rumour etc etc…

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This is weird.

Can’t you stop rumouring?

Your other IDENTICAL post, has several replies…

that said, i doubt anyone in these forums has the international legal expertise to answer your question. You should call your lawyer to discuss your liability.