LaTex Package Support?

I’m trying to install the mhchem LaTex package for my mediawiki so that I can do chemistry notation on my wiki, but am a little stumped. Does anyone know how to install LaTex packages that mediawiki can use without having access to shared files?


Oh, nevermind. I figured it out.
This page led me to the command “kpsepath tex”, which outputs the places where LaTex looks for packages.

Basically, create the directory texmf/tex in your home directory and then throw all of your packages in there.


I lied. The previous solution doesn’t work.

Putting the package into texmf/tex does make it available over the command line, but php can’t get at it.

What I ended up doing was putting the package into the images/tmp/ directory in my mediawiki install. That’s where they keep the temporary .tex files before they’re turned into .jpgs.