Latest post to home page from wordpress

Hi, I have just read 100 posts from the wordpress forum. I must be searching for the wrong term…because this must have been done before.

I have a wordpress blog…

and my site…

I want to integrate the latest post on from just perhaps the first few lines of it then a link to the blog.

Does/has anyone know/done this? Or, do you know what terminology I can successfully use to google the answer?


Have you considered just using an rss parser (set up to only display the first few lines of the first post) in your home page, and just grabbing the article from your WordPress blog via it’s rss feed?

You could do that really easily with a bit of javascript. :wink:

That’s basically what I do to display “news” teasers from one of my client’s CMS systems on their “off-site” shopping cart site.