Large file upload via php timeout


I am trying to upload files between 1mb and 200mb via php script, and everything below 100mb works fine, anything more just leaves the page loading constantly (left it running over night).

So, I’ve changed all the values in php.ini to high settings with no luck… max request time is 1 hour, max file sizes and memory is 200mb… I don’t know what else to do. someone suggested there is a time limit in the apache settings but I cannot edit that… Is there any solution?

There is time limit for script execution on webftp. Why don’t you use FTP client ex. Filezilla instead of webftp ?

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NOT client based ftp… PHP, as in server side script

My mistake, I just didn’t notice “php script” in your post.I guess I should spend less time in front of a computer :).
But back to the orginal question, I think there is limit of file size which can be uploaded using server side script also keep in mind php execution time limit,those would be two limits that I think are affecting you. Either way you are hitting some limit set by DH.

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ModSecurity: Request body is larger than the configured limit (134217728).

^ Dreamhost has a cap on request limit on their root directory side. Does anyone know if there is a way to increase this limit without going dedicated?