Large file - permission problem

I have a large (3.5GB) file I need to get to someone cross-country. I figured I’d FTP it to my web directory, and have them grab it via a web browser. I’ve done this thousands of times, although probably never with something so large.

So I FTP’d the file, no problem (took 18 hours, gotta love slow uplink speed).

When I go to the file via a web browser, I get this error:

You don’t have permission to access /pathname/filename.dat on this server.

When I go to the directory, I get a directory listing. I see the other files in the directory, but this one doesn’t show up at all.

I checked (and reset) FTP permissions, renamed the file, etc.

Is there a restriction on file size, or is this some weird fluke? Any suggested solution? I’d rather not go through the upload process again, due to the time required.


Yes, there is a restriction on file size. Apache can’t access files over 2gb.

You should use FTP on the other side, or break the file down into parts.

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Ok, that makes sense.

I can’t give this person my FTP info, and since FTP logins can’t cross paths it looks like I’m stuck splitting it here and uploading again. Ah well, such is life.


During the first 12 hours or so, you could look into splitting it on the server. :wink:

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If you “trust” him, you could create a new ftp user for him, log in as him, use the shell to cp the file into his space, and then pass him those ftp credentials.

Just delete the user after he has retrieved the file.


rlparker - Your suggestion led me to something that worked great. I logged in via my shell account, switched over to my web directory, and used the unix “split” command. Split the file in question into 1GB chunks and all is good in the world.

Atropos7 - thanks for pointing out the root problem, the Apache file size limit.

Se7enOf9 - I just saw your post now, great minds think alike I suppose.

I’m still new here, didn’t quite realize how easy it was to jump around different “accounts” so to speak. Thanks to all!