Large Data Import


Hi all,

I’ve got a 9.9 mb export from a mysql database I want to import into my new DreamHost site. Got bumped on the import with the suggestion the import might be too large.

Anyone worked around this one?




You can do it from shell like this:
mysql -h -u USERNAME -pPASSWORD DATABASE_NAME < your_dump.sql

Notice there is no space between “-p” and password


I can’t seem to login, keep getting error

my shell host is

Does this seem correct? or would it be more something like

Sorry to be so basic but thanks for your answer


You should know what is your database host name.
But don’t worry. You can check it in the panel.
Just go to ‘Goodies’ -> 'Manage MySQL’
Some there, below ‘Hostname for this MySQL server’ is your database host name.
You can also add/change user data and/or password for the database.


Well this is rather frustrating. I do know my user name and I do know my database name because I am able to login with myphpadmin however in the attempt to log in from the shell I keep getting rejected.

very frustrating since I can’t upload via myphpadmin

what does anyone suggest?

all help is appreciated


If you can login to database via phpmyadmin you must also can via shell.
Give me some more details, i.e. what error do you see when you try to connect to database via shell


well I would think so too, but so far I cannot log into any mysql host to import data.

Host: /bin/bash

type ssh2 3des port 22

Last login: Fri Jan 30 14:17:26 on ttys001
ssh -c 3des -2 -l downtownchagrin -p 22 ;exit
GFive:~ michaelbellah$ ssh -c 3des -2 -l downtownchagrin -p 22 ;exit’s password:
Permission denied, please try again.’s password:


Here’s a Wiki article with some helpful commands:

To clarify, you need to SSH into your webserver (, then run the sql commands.



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