Laravel one-click install

Laravel has become very popular among PHP developers. I would love to see a one-click install of a clean laravel install, with the necessary modifications for using the public directory, etc. I’ve seen tutorials on how to do it and it all seems like something that could be automated. It feels like there are just an elite few hosting companies that make it easy to host Laravel. If Dreamhost could be part of that group, it would make the service that much more attractive.

I second this. It is a pain now and could save many people a lot of time if you set this up. Thanks.

I don’t think a Laravel 1-click install would be beneficial.

I’ve created countless laravel apps hosted on subdomains with much ease.

Step 1. create subdomain. set http dir to /public/
Step 2. SSH into subdomain dir, git clone the project
Step 3. composer install, setup .env file