Landing site with cart [job]

I have a client who is going to be selling some custom greeting cards and wants a landing site with cart ability for regular punters as well as retail outlets. It’s an order online kinda deal rather than a full-on shopfront. Only requires check and Paypal for payment so I was considering WP with a cart and gallery plugins due to WP being very user friendly and the client being quite uncomputerish - but I’m open to ideas.

She has 12 cards and 2 “sets” of 6 cards in each aimed at regular internet’ers, plus bulk order packs for retail outlets. The artwork is quite “op-art” being mostly black and white ink on paper so darkish colour scheme would be nice I think (greys, blues, etc).

Anyone have any ideas?

Oh, and of course there is ca[color=#00CC00]$[/color]h up for grabs here - PM me if interested in some freelancing :wink:

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