Lancer down?


I can’t access the support page. Well it says checking status of your account then just zips me to some page that has no options and doesn’t tell me anything. Does this mean that the tests are seeing that the server is down?

I came here because I can’t access support to send them a message.

here is the first page of the support tool

then i hit next and just get this page


I could, but it could also be a problem with your panel connection or your browser (there are known issues with Firefox 3). Is “Lancer” your server? Those of us here could help you check that if you provide a url that is being served from that server (which could confirm that the server is unreachable or indicate that you have connectivity issues).

The panel is working fine for me, but you can always use the contact form at if you cannot file a support request via the panel, or you can email using the “from” address that is your primary DH contact email.

You can also include a previous ticket number, if you have one, so that the email slips through the filters.

Your screenshots don’t really tell us much about what is happening with the panel, but thanks for including them. :wink:



screenshots always are entertaining.

anyways it’s back up now.

Also I am using Firefox 3(should’ve tried 2.0).

thanks for the quick response.


No problem! And I’m glad you got back up! Hopefully, they will make the web panel “FireFox 3 friendly” soon. :wink: