Lag Time?

Hi, is there some lag time in between when an account is activated and when you can start seeing the web site you upload? Also, is there lag time in between the time something is uploaded to the server and when it goes live on the web?

Thanks in advance.

The only delay that exists inherently is DNS propagation time. How long? Could take as little as a few minutes, could take 3 days… most likely tho about 4-8 hours. It’s not a delay imposed by dreamhost, it’s just how DNS works.

OK. I was curious specifically about this problem I’ve had where after my account is already set up and I have web pages that show, I will modify a .css style sheet and the changes will take a fairly long time to appear on the actual page. I’ve done all sorts of cache deleting and the like. I was wondering if this is normal or if there is a problem.

Turn off all caching for the domain and delete your browser cache between loads.