Lag and generally slow sites?

Is it just me or is everyone else experiencing lag? My site, has gotten slower and slower. I am always sending support requests and they keep telling me they fixed the problem but it continues to be slow and often freezes. What on my end could cause this? I am running out of ideas and I am starting to think I should look for another host.

It’s quick for me. Maybe someone could recommend a free monitoring service, if a free one exists.


this has hit me really hard over the past week.
I know shared hosting can be a bit slower, and sometimes when another site gets hit hard on the box I am sharing it will effect my site, but it has been getting worse and worse lately.

Think I will submit a support ticket.

Mr. Beer, your sig would look better with the following format:
Except use square brackets instead since if I posted square brackets, you’d get a link instead of my example.

And it doesn’t surprise me that your site is so slow considering that your index page is over a meg.


yup good point. I reduced the posts per page to 6 from 10. Seemed to speed it up a bit. I do have a kinda mucked up jumble of a template. i am gonna work on reducing the image sizes and maybe a different theme here soon.

Wondering what you used to see my page file size. I tried a few different websites that test site speed and saw that it was over a meg, but most of the test sites were kinda lame. Do you have a good one to recommend?

Also I have a few .zip’s and I link to avatars I host for message boards. I was downloading a 127 mb zip and hitting 10 kps and even the tiny avatars load really slow.

I submitted a ticket just in case.

Thanks for the tip on the sig. Did not notice that.

I use the following site for general testing, but it only calculates speed based upon page size, not actual download speed. It also won’t test if the site’s over a meg, and rightfully so, but it will at least tell you the total size.


my page its under 4 kb but i take 12-20 seconds to load 8(
if you wanna test


Initial response is slow, so I’m thinking it’s a server with a high load average. It was 4 seconds before it started sending me anything, then another 5 or so to finish.