Lack of support

This is obviously not the best place to post, but does anyone have any other recommendations for another webhost?

I dont mind paying a little more money for good support.

I would move up to another level on DH, but it says “callback” on phone support, so either way seems like a long wait.
Also with 350 tickets open… maybe this is not the best webhost

How long have you been waiting? And what problem are you having?

Many things can be solved by asking about it in this forum – there are many fellow customers who could put in a helpful reply.

In those cases where only DreamHost can respond properly, the Support is needed. While it’s true that they do have hundreds of open issues at any given time, the majority are solved quickly and friendly.

I know lots of other web hosts, but none I would recommend to anyone but my enemies. DH is the best I’ve come across – and then I can live with a 24- or 48-hour response time on a few questions.

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