.la domain registry

Just what involvement does Dreamhost have with the .la domain and its official registry site? I’ve got a few criticisms:

  1. The http://www.la site has Javascript that tries to move and resize the browser window, which is a highly annoying thing for a site to do. I found that out when I had the misfortune to go to the site while using a different browser from usual, one which I hadn’t configured to reject such attempts at screwing around with the browser window as I do in my normal Mozilla browser.

  2. The site is full of big blocks of text presented as a graphic, without ALT attributes, which is crappy, inaccessible design.

  3. The site makes the silly claim that .la is an “official internet address” for the city of Los Angeles (by whose authority?), and fails to make any mention of the true fact that it is actually the country code domain for Laos.

– Dan


The above links does say that some people are trying to use it for Los Angeles, and they have gotten the rightds to market it.

I suspect Dreamhost has no involvement with how the ‘official registry site’ designs their website. I’m also sure that they don’t let that influence how DH designs their own website.


The site looked ok to me. As for DH’s involvement it’s clear they host the site (using the Netcraft toolbar) and have bought some ads. Other than that I don’t see a big deal here.

I read those threads and realized I fell for it. Someone could just as well make a website and call themselves the official registry for Louisiana (LA), or Songwriters (LA LA LA), or deep sleepers (LA LA Land), or… :slight_smile:


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[quote]and call themselves the official registry for Louisiana (LA)


I have thought about WHY they market to Los Angeles instead of Louisiana, and I agree that it’s a smart choice.

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