L2 Billing

I’m current customer of Dreamhost. What is L2 mean ? Does that meant Dreamhost will charge me based on couple years base ? Is that so… will I get price of 2 years’ prepayment ?

L2 is the plan you are on. If you look here: http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting.html you’ll see that the plans are divided into levels. L2 would be a “Sweet Dreams” account.

Because of the special (that seems to have been going on forever), you might want to upgrade to an L3 for the exact same amount. (Assuming you’re not paying less than $15.95 (2 year) or 19.95 (1 year))

If you go to this page in the control panel (you’ll have to be logged in for it to work) https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=billing.accounts&

You’ll see your account information. Under the heading “Cost Period” you’ll see how much you will be billed and for what period of time. Mine shows 2 years.

I hope that answers your question!

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Don’t forget L0 plan, which is the domain only (without hosting) plan.

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I think wholly has already answered your question. I just want to add some extra points. If you have seen the hosting.html mentioned by wholly, you should see that you can have a L2 plan on a monthly plan, 1-year plan, or 2-year plan. Here is how DH will charge you.

For example, if you choose 1-year L2 plan, DH will charge you every year. You have to pay for the first year when you sign up.

Don’t forget, you ge another 20% discount if you sign up 2-year plan. You can tell from the hosting.html. It is not 9.95/mo but 7.95/mo

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