KOTAKU100 Promo


I am a new member here in dreamhost and I was wondering (and panicking) because when I look at “manage account” in cpanel, the service plan billing indicated is $119.40 yearly ($9.95 per month). But when I was completing my registration and I entered in the promo code kotaku100, the cost was $119.40 - $100 ($1.62 per month) and also I get to register my first domain for free. I am panicking now because I am looking at my account details and I see no signs of the kotaku100 promo. What should I do? How do I verify if I am really under the said promo?

I have screenshots of my registration as well…

EDIT: Also I wasn’t able to think of a domain right away during my registration so I chose the setup domain later option. When I try and register a domain in admin panel, it shows that I need to pay $9.95 for a .com/.net domain. What happened to my free first domain? :frowning:


I see you opened a support ticket for this – Thanks! As our support tech informed you, we do not offer promo codes for certain regions, yours being one of them. I apologize that you were not informed of that sooner! We are certainly working to update the wording on promotional code advertisements to include a disclaimer for countries that are not included in promos.

As far as the $9.95 fee to purchase a domain – We ask that you pay that amount up front as a deposit. If you decide to stick with us after your free trial is over, you’ll get the domain for free. If not, the $9.95 deposit is applied to the domain registration charge which secures your ownership of the domain. More info on that can be found here: