Koha open source library software?

Has anyone ever successfully installed the Koha (http://www.koha.org/) open source library software package (ILS) on a Dreamhost account? Have any advice?

My specific question is this: The installer program asks for the location of the httpd.conf file. What should I enter at this point?

I have never attempted to install it, but when I last looked at the documentation for koha, I noted that it does require apache to be configured for it (Via the httpd.conf file), which I assume is why you are asking the question.

Users on DH shared servers do not have “write” access to that file, so other than changes you can effect via .htaccess files, you won’t be able to make those configuration changes.

This, and the descriptions of the required environment and dependencies I saw in the documentation, led me to believe that koha was not suited for installation on a DH shared server.

Now, a dedicated server should be another matter, but I do not have access to one to check for sure.


Thanks! That’s was what I thought was happening. I’ll have to take a different approach, I guess.

It says on the download page as well that you need ‘Root on the server’ so you are going to need a dedicated server. I think there is a Windows version though if you have a Windows PC.



I have just been reading this wiki article on installing Koha on Dreamhost - http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Koha
I’m not sure if it’s supposed to apply to shared hosting customers but it does say “Normal installation of Koha requires root MySQL access, write access to Apache’s config files and the ability to install Perl modules but these can all be avoided.”

I started following the instructions but they only go so far and then fizzle out. It looks as if someone was in the process of updating them but forgot to finish it off. I got as far as installing cpanminus and typing cpanm local::lib, I don’t know how to install Yaz and Zebra or, more generally, what to do next.

Has anyone successfully installed on shared hosting since this thread started? Any tips?