Known 0.6.3 ("Dunham") will not run on Dreamhost Shared Server | oauth

If you have heard recent buzz about and their Known package, you may be tempted to install it on your shared server account at Dreamhost. After trying and failing to get it working, here is what I learned:

Meanwhile, Ben at Known says:
“We’ve been working hard on compatibility, and I’m pleased to say that the next version of Known will not require oauth, as well as a handful of other extensions. It also downgrades the minimum required PHP version to 5.3.
We’re testing the package now, and should release it by the end of October [2014].
Hopefully this will make installation significantly easier for customers of Dreamhost and similar hosting services.”

So save yourself some time and watch for newer versions of Known before headbanging on your DH shared hosting account.

UPDATE: Pre-Release of the next release of Known (0.6.4) found at works great IF you replace the .htaccess file with using DH shared server account.