Hello all,

I have installed KnowledgeTree ( on my server, and I’ve noticed that it has been running extremely slowly. Now in the pre-setup check on my settings, it says it requires a PHP memory_limit of 32M, which is currently locked at 0M. I’ve tried to change that using the method described here (, but to no avail. Glancing at the MySQL statistics seems to indicate that KT is also making a huge number of queries as well.

So I have a few questions.

Does anyone know a workaround for the memory_limit issue?

Is there a way to make MySQL run faster?

Has anyone gotten KnowledgeTree to work at a reasonable speed on DreamHost?

Barring any of that, does anyone know of any good open-source applications for creating an online PDF and document archive?



I’m also having the same problems with knowledge tree. Even when following the instructions at the memory_limit variable does not change. Have there been any new developments in this matter?