Knowledgebase and Help Desk software

I’d like to run something like SupportWizard or other help desk type software (trouble tickets, knowledgebase, CRM) temporarily. The idea would be to get something running, get familiar with it and set up for my boss to check it out. Once I’ve got him and maybe two other people sold, I’ll be taking it back down and put it on a company server or get it’s own hosted space, so the load on my shared server won’t ever be very high (other than the load the application itself creates).

Question: I couldn’t find anything on the forums or Wiki, so is anyone running any type of help desk software on DreamHost? What type? Where can I find out limitations on this kind of thing, or what’s already being done?

It’s a little hard to know what your main emphasis is from your question. as "trouble tickets, knowledgebase, CRM"
are, to my way of thinking, very different kinds of software fauna.

I have installed, and played with, several such products on Dreamhost over the years (owl, knowledge Tree, Sugar CRM, assorted php groupware products, etc.), and find that, generally speaking, the Dreamhost featureset is more than adequate for these types of programs.

What is the principal purpose of the software you are looking to implement (trouble ticket management? knowledgebase/wiki? or CRM)?

There is no shortage of these on the “FLOSS” (Free/Libre Open Source Software) world, and many of them run well at/on Dreamhost, with the notable exceptioon of products that are “java/tomcat” JSP type pages, which DH does not support. Some can be demo’d at, and others are easily enough located on There are even such software packages that run as components under Joomla (which is available at Dreamhost as a “one-click” install, as is “ActiveCollab”).

I’m just not familiar enough with “SupportWizard” to know exactly what you are looking for here.


Thanks for the reply. Two areas of interest: trouble ticket management, and a FAQ section.

Ideally, it’d be similar to what SupportWizard offers. For example:
workflow management
ability to control through email
ability to create “top 10” list of service issues
cut and paste from common answers

I guess the third question is more general. How do I know what I can install/run on the server? In looking for Postgres comments, it looks like I couldn’t install that, so I’m wondering where / what the limits are, or if I just give it a try. :slight_smile:

tells you what major features are included on each plan. It mentions all the basics like PHP, mysql, SVN, Ruby on Rails, etc. If you have specific questions about the configurations of those features, like whether PHP includes a particular module or library, you can contact support, ask specific questions here, or just sign up and use the 97-day-money-back-guarantee to try things out.