Knowing how much CPU I am using


Usually I got files in


Now that files are no longer updated since 4/8

I tried to enable it in

like usual. but the checkbox that allow that no longer exist…


I have that checkbox on mine. But the box says it doesn’t apply to PS accounts.

I think CPU usage is no longer an issue. There’s a blog entry sorta relating to that:

Here’s the Wiki entry:

What it really boils down to is: are you maxing out the server? The ‘top’ command is the most valuable tool for this. If you’re not putting a continuous heavy load on the server, then it’s most likely not an issue.



Top says I am using low CPU. Just need to make sure.

This is my concern… I am no longer able to pull this off:

First, you’ll need to verify that you have CPU Reporting enabled for your user. This can be done from the ‘Users’->‘Manage Users’ section of the web panel by clicking ‘edit’ for the user in question:

You should be able to access your reports within a day after being enabled by FTP’ing or SSH’ing to your account and switching to the logs/resources/ directory. In there, you’ll find files named .sa.analyzed.0, .sa.analyzed.1, .sa.analyzed.2. Your username will replace . These files are generated by a script that looks at how many minutes your scripts use, then rotates them every day. So the latest file from yesterday will be the .0 file, and the day before will be .1 and so on.

You can also view and download these stats files through the stats url of any of your domains (E.G. )

Usually there is a check box saying whether I would enable resources logging on this user. That text box is gone…

Also if I ftp to resources directory I see files last updated on 4/8