Kindly stop shouting at Backups User

I am a happy Dreamhost ‘Backups User’ because no question:

Additional usage will be charged at the rate of 10 cents / GB a month: >> the best backup deal on the net!

And the first 50 GB is free.

But why do I receive an email every month that SHOUTS at me?

For example the typical Dreamhost email says:

DreamHost Disk Usage WARNING
your hosting plans appears to be in excess of the included amount.
You will be charged for excess usage

I jump each time I see these Dreamhost messages in my inbox.

And, yes, I have set the quota way above the minimum of what I use.

So I guess my question is: Does Dreamhost want me to use more or less of the Backups User feature?

If Dreamhost does want me to use more of the Backups service can you kindly adjust the wording of the emails so that they are less adversarial and more welcoming of my business.

I just received another email from DreamHost.

[size=3][color=#FF0000][quote]DreamHost Disk Usage WARNING
…one or more of your hosting plans appears to be in excess of the included amount[/quote][/color][/size]

If I continue doing this will DreamHost terminate my plan?

You’re fine. It’s just warning you that you will be charged for the backup disk usage in excess of 50 GB.

Maybe some configuration options to turn on/off these type of warning emails?

I think I would rather have the warning emails, but then again, I am kind of a micro-manager of sorts and the warning s make me feel like I have something urgent to do even if it’s not even close to the limits.