Keywords on Wordpress?

When wirting a wordpress blog - Is it better to use (1) site for each blog. Or is it better to make multibple pages of sites inside on individual blogs. Anotherwords is it better for ranking and sharing to make multiple post inside the same one Word Press site or independently create each Wordpress site for each and every post I create?

I creaated these 2 sites independently of each other but I’m wondering if I should have put both of them on the same site in 2 seperate post.
Thanks for your help.

There is almost never any good reason to have multiple WordPress installs on a single site. Aside from all the extra effort in creating them, it will make maintaining your sites and keeping them up to date much more difficult, and makes it impossible for a reader to discover your other posts.

Design your web site for users, not for search engines.

Thanks for the reply. I’m still confused. sorry, I didn’t understand your answer. It’s probably because I don’t understand the differences in verbage between what the definition of a site is and a post is in refernce to my question. When you say “don’t have multipole wordPress installs on a single site” are you saying that I should make a new wordpress site and download it each and everytime I make a blog or are you saying that I should Not have multiple pages on the same site and that it’s ok to have multiple post on the same wordpress site? Anotherwords is the 2 sites that I’ve created here as link examples done corectly or should I have made both sites on the same blog only listed as differenct independant post? thanks for whatever help you can give me on this I’ve been wondering about this forever.

Andrew’s saying don’t install WordPress multiple times :slight_smile:

If you really wanted to have separate sites for your content, you’d want to activate Multisite on your blog, however Multisite is a lot of work and it really means you have two sites. That means two separate areas to make posts, and no easy way to cross-relate them.

First of all, it’s no better or worse for your ranking to use one site over multiple. Secondly, it’s a lot of work :slight_smile:

I would instead install WordPress once at the ‘root’ of where I want these sites to be, and then make my posts using categories. /reversepsychology/ and /illusion/

Then install and use the option to turn off the category slug, make my URLS be “/%category%/%postname%/” and voila :slight_smile: One install, everything’s happy.

I think your saying that I should only have 1 downloaded wordpress site and build all my blogs off of that 1 site. Is that right? What I’ve been doing is down loading a new wordpress for each blog I’ve made. So I guess I make a different extention for each blog I make using the same 1 word press site. Am I saying that right? thanks for you answers to these questions.

Yes, you should have only downloaded WP once, installed it once, and built your content off that one site.

I don’t know what you mean by ‘extention’ here…

That’s the simplist answer yet. thanks. I need to understant something. I know that in each word press site you can ad mulitple pages in one site. Can you have both multiple extensions for each site ane multiple pages in each individual word press site it self. Another words. I create a 1 word press site. Now can I make multiple sites from that one site creating different extentions at the end of the URL address. and then have lets say 9 pages in each individual sites from each url extention I create. Or am I only allows to make 1 extention url for each word press site with multiple pages. I hope I said this right?

[quote=“zotah, post:1, topic:59590”] Anotherwords is it better for ranking and sharing to make multiple post inside the same one

First of all, the “best” way to get ranking is produce quality in-demand content that people want. Then interact with your intended audience, provide them value, and they’ll flock in droves to your site.

For the purposes of my answer to the rest of your question I’ll define my terms:

“Blog” and “site” and “Wordpress” site are exactly the same thing. They are a container of sorts that organizes and presents a collection of pages and/or posts.

I understand that some people still call an individual post among others, that shows up at one individual URL within some given blogging software installation, a “blog,” but I am accustomed to calling one Wordpress installation aka “web site” a “blog.” is a site/blog/Wordpress installation is a post is a page. Maybe. Or maybe its a post. Your choice.

In Wordpress posts and pages are semantically two different things. Your privacy statement, contact form, and About page might be on a page, but your weekly articles or whatever would generally be posts.

If you are going to have a collection of topically interrelated pages and/or posts those belong in one Wordpress installation aka blog aka site.

If you want to keep the world updated on your ongoing search of green unicorns and also write daily reviews of hot chocolate, you probably need two separate sites/blogs/wordpress installations.

Hope that clears things up.

Looks to be squeeze-like pages created to catch inadvertent clicks on the empowernetwork links that are peppered throughout each article. So… single installation, set friendly URLs as /%category%/%post%/ (or whatever those magic strings are). Create a Category for each “extension”, name each Post however you want the page to be named, and apply it to the relevant Category.

Or something.