Kernel patches used by DH?

from the DH ssh splash:
zangief 2.4.20+w+fhs5+nfs+gr199d+ptf+++p3+4gb+c1+gr0b-v2.178

Is that for real? What are all those patches?

Jason (the guy who builds most of the kernels) tends to be very verbose in his naming schemes. All of those letters mean something to him - I swear. On a more serious note, the naming conventions help us keep track of the various kernels we use.

The main patches we use are (I believe) one to get NFS to suck less, and the grsec patches ( ), which are used for various security functions, including restricting access to /proc to regular users.

I’ve asked Jason to post here so that he can hopefully provide a more detailed explanation.


2.4.20 is obviously the kernel version.
Stuff before the “+++” are patches.
Stuff after the “+++” are configurations.

w = patched to compile with gcc-3.0
fhs5 = a patch to increase the number of filehandles available
nfs = trond NFS patches
gr199d = grsecurity (restricts proc like william pointed out)
ptf = ptrace fix (not sure if that one was necessary or not)

p3 = pentium III
4gb = up to 4GB of system memory (RAM)
gr0b = a somewhat strict configuration of grsecurity
c1 = configuration 1 (the kernel name was getting too long, 64
characters maximum, so I had to take the most common
configuration codes and shove them into configuration 1, 2, 3, etc)
c1 = configuration 1 = +ext3+mr+csm+hmem+ge+3w
c2 = configuration 2 = +4gb+ext3+mr+csm+hmem+ge+3w+sar1
Do you want translations for those too?
v2.178 = my internal versioning system, completely unrelated to the
official kernel version, helps me to keep track of where I am

Hope that was helpful,

Thanks for the clarification. That was interesting and helpful.