Keep getting error page with Clickbank D/L script


Thanks for reading.

I’m currently using a ClickBank Download Protector Script that keeps getting sent to the error page after making test payments.

Can anyone please help?

What can I do to make it easier for help, too?

The instructions say to CHMOD some files 777, but since I’ve been told that DH uses SueExec, I have to use 755.
Everything appears to work exept the test purchases.

Do I need to copy and paste the instructions and code here?

It is for’s scripts, if anyone is familiar with it.

Thank You VERY Much for Your Help in advance!


Does it access an external web site? My thinking is that it may be using a full url which is blocked. Do a search in the DH wiki about allow_url_fopen and curl.

My website

Hi silk,

Thanks for your help.

I’ve put the files here:

I’m not sure how the issue would be from accessing an external website because the only interaction from a different website goes directly back to the original site?

Would You (or anyone reading this thread) be able to help test this with Me?



PS. I can also be contacted using ‘admin’ at the domain name above.