Your knowledge base is quite extensive and I like the way the layout is with it. Can you share what program/scripting you all use for the kbasing system?

Also, what program/scripting do you use for the forums section?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Phil -

Thanks for writing!

The KBase is actually 100% custom code that we wrote in-house. I actually wrote the original KBase, but it was rewritten to work with our DH2 system some time later by Josh. I wouldn’t think that there’d be any problems sharing the code, but most of it is so tied into our DH2 system that it likely wouldn’t be of any real use.

The forums, however, are provided by a system that was (at the time we installed it) called wwwthreads. It has since been bought out by Infopop and re-named UBB.threads.


Note that it’s a commercial product, and costs roughly $230 for a license.

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