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Just reading through the KBase earlier, and I’ve attached a message to the following article.


Just to update the status of WWWThreads now merging with UBBoard to create UBBThreads.

Thanks for keeping things current! :>

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Sounds like it has real potential!

Did InfoPop buy wwwthreads, or is this some sort of cooperative licensing thing? I can’t seem to (easily) find any info about it on either site…


…Bob W.

I got a notice at some point that they were bought out, but each script would remain a separate product. I imagine there will be some code-sharing, though. Not sure…

Is this correct? I didn’t really read it all that closely.

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Infopop have brought WWWThreads. The main coder for WWWThreads basicaly couldn’t keep the ship afloat by himself anymore and needed help.

The BAD NEWS… They will discontinue the Perl version. They are concentrating their efforts on the PHP version. Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh!!!

The new product will be called UBBThreads. The differences now with Infopop products are that UBBoard is flat-file based and php and it’s crap(!) and the UBBThreads will be PHP/MySQL based and is a threaded message board (hence the name - where uuboard is not).

Here’s the email I got about it (a while back):

My $0.02… go for the new, but very powerful and steady board from Gossamer Threads… http://www.gossamer-threads.com. Pricey, but an outstanding board. Download it free of charge for 30 days. la di la. I gotta stop plugging at some point :wink:



Scream, the main developer of WWWThreads will remain head-coder for UBBThreads but undoubtedly they will be using some common modules, or packages.



The BAD NEWS… They will discontinue the Perl version.

So the WWWThreads Perl Version will become Open Source now?
Somebody knows?

I’m not sure. I very very much doubt that they will be throwing this into the open source field knowing InfoPop. That would just make it an even better product :wink:

It’s a massive shame that they are discontinuing the Perl version. You’d better hop off to http://www.gossamer-threads.com/perl/gforum to pick up a better alternative.

Cheers :wink: