KBase article add-a-comment feature

I’d like to let site visitors comment on the articles published on my site, and allow the comments to be appended to the article in real time (something similiar to the add-your-comment feature at the end of each DH KBase article.) Does anyone know of a PERL or PHP script I can use for that purpose?

Is it wise for a site owner to let people write/modify a live page?


Many existing programs can do this; the type of program you select will depend on the type of comment. I don’t have a lot of experience with most of these programs, so hopefully some other folks can give you some suggestions (you might want to explain what you’re trying to do a little further, however).

If you allow public comments, be prepared to spend some time removing inappropriate posts and other junk. You may also want to at least require visitors to setup an account before they can post publicly.

Hi Will,

Thanks for your response.

I am trying to find a convenient way for people to post comments to most articles on my site. You have pointed out that allowing the public to directly post comments without registration is probably unwise. And I agree. Therefore, I should at least have some sort of screening mechanism in place to reduce rubbish postings if not require users to register.

This (James Bond) site has a neat post-a-comment feature, but I think the site is powered by some content management system:

But I am rather reluctant to install a CMS just for that one feature. Is the other option to use a form-email script, and just manually insert the the approved postings to relevant (static) HTML pages?