Justification for monthly IP charge

Not to sound like a whinger here, just curious as a friend mentioned that he thought it a bit of a gouge to pay monthly on an infinite basis for a unique IP so knowing you guys are straight up I ask you:

what justifies the recurring IP charge, I mean does it cost you on an ongoing basis?

I’m sure I could have asked that in a more clear way, hopefully it’s clear enough


I’m having a hard time seperating sarcsam from answer there, if there’s either, or both, or, uh, what was I saying?


[quote]Not much? Fear, Greed; take your pick? Supply/demand, and because they can? :slight_smile: They’ll make more…


Price (charge) can only and ALWAYS be justified by demand and supply, as long as DreamHost is functioning as a business and not a charity. Economics 101, isn’t it? :wink:


Ultimately it does “cost” us on an ongoing basis, via ARIN membership fees, administration costs, etc. Also, we are required to justify our IP usage to ARIN, so a lot of the reason for the cost is to discourage frivolous use of a somewhat finite resource. When we apply for IP space, we sometimes have to provide them with a detailed list of domains that are on each IP. There’s a fair amount of pressure on webhosts to use shared IPs for customer sites wherever possible.

thanks for the official word will


I think it’s important to remember in cases like these, just as we are subscribers to DH, they also subscribe to their services. Because of this, things like IPs don’t normally come at a flat fee. The only time I’ve see a flat fee for an IP was one local ISP who is now out of business.