Just want Dreamhost Hosting not Registration

Hi, I just want Dreamhost to host my blog… I don’t want to change my registrar. Everything I was reading in the Dreamhost wiki was about changing my registration, too.

Is there a wiki about just hosting?

Thank you for your time.

Edit: This was the wiki I was reading called “transfer your hosting to us” … http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Transfer_your_hosting_to_us

You can move your domain hosting very easily to Dreamhost without changing the registrar. I have a couple of .CO domains registered @ GoDaddy that I was able to host with Dreamhost with no problems. All I did was change the DNS.

And yea, that wiki is a bit confusing… it never really answers the question of “what if I just want Dreamhost to host my domain!” to my satisfaction. In the end all I did was change DNS and it worked well.