Just started

Hello dream users,

im new and have still finished my website.
I have tested it with firefox, opera and safari browsers.
I wanted to ask you to check my site (also if you have a different browser)…
The URL is www.digitalphoto-raw.com

Any costructive criticism is welcome, but please be fair - this is my first website i have made.

Please allow a day to response to your comments, because i have to be out for shooting to fill my page (also there is timeshift of 8-9h to us)…

My only significant thought is that the opening page where you choose a language is somewhat redundant, since you have a switching mechanism built in to the main site. Since the web is predominantly an English-dominated medium, I would recommend going straight into the English version.

Beyond that, since it is basically 100% Flash you shouldn’t have any browser issues. It bugs me not being able to use my own browser navigation (forward, back, etc.) but I guess there’s nothing you can do about that.

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it have started raining, so i’m back from shooting…

Thank you for checking my site.
I was told also from friends that it would be good to use the browser navigation buttons.
This is somewhat tricky in flash because it’s only one page, but i will look if i can discover how to…

It is quite good for a starter. As scjessey since it is flash, you probably has no problem with the layout.

As for navigation, I cannot click upon the image.

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do you mean the pictures at the top (new pictures)?
This is only a slideshow of the newest 12 pictures in the database. They are not clickable.
To show the pictures you have to select a category at the left side…

Hmm… But mybe i should also implement to select a picture from the slideshow (not a bad idea)…

As a first impression, it looks better than my first (or second) web site.
I did have some trouble figuring out how to use your site.

When I saw the pictures scrolling, I wanted to use the left and right arrows below them to control the scroll. If course, that does not work.

If I search for “cat” (field one) in category “animals” (field 2), three pictures come up. The count just shows “?”.

If I select category animals (in the third field), the counter does work. Only at this point do the left and right arrows make sense.

You have two ways of searching your site, but this was not clear to me when I first looked at it. A few carefully chosen words of instruction might help. Can you combine the two types of search?

If I put “cat” in the first field, and do not select a category, nothing is found. How about interpreting the blank field as “all categories” Also, how about adding “all” to the list in categories (and subcategories).

Your status for searching the database is in a very small font. I did not see it in the first couple of tries. I also don’t like blinking stuff (personal opinion). Since you are using flash, how about a spinning wheel near the search form.

On the positive side, I like your photography. You have a very good sense of color, exposure, depth of field, framing, and cropping.

You may also want to post your request in the forum at:


I found the site recently. I suggest reading about the campaign, the faq and review some of the posts in the forum to get an idea of what the campaign is about, and the type of feedback you will get.

Hint: Before you post there, make sure your pages have a proper doctype declared , and your html and css validate, before asking for a site review there. From reviewing the posts there, I know they may not be gentle if you don’t cover these “basics” first.


Thanks a lot for your hints and criticism.
I will pick up your suggestions about the searching, this makes realy sense…