Just started with hosting - need help

I signed up for the two week trial 2 days ago. I started messing with the panel trying to figure it out. I was going to install wordpress but the one click install button cannot be pushed. It is greyed out. Then I notice on the bottom left corner this little message:
"This account is currently pending.

Please have us call you now for immediate approval."

I have pressed the link multiple times in the last hour and no phone call. Am I getting this because I have the 2 week free trial? I thought I set up my domain. I am transferring from blogger but it says I have no hosting plan, no domain added, nothing at all set up. Is this normal? Do I need to set up and pay for a hosting plan before I can test the hosting? Hosting is all new to me since I have used blogger. I have my own domain but I host through blogger.

Any thoughts?

I have a customer that just signed up for hosting as well and is experiencing the exact same behavior. I’ve put in two tickets and nobody seems to be responding which is very odd. The few time’s I’ve contacted support it’s been nearly instant. Hoping someone at Dreamhost has some coffee and gets on the stick to correct whatever the problem is.

I still have not received a phone call. I think I’ll close this account and go with another company. This is why I used the 2 weeks free. It gives you a chance to check out their customer service. :slight_smile:

I’ve been with DreamHost for quite a while and have quite a few sites hosted here as well as many clients I’ve referred for hosting. I’d tend to think this is more of a fluke than typical service (although it’s very annoying).