Just started - where to begin?

Hey everyone

I just got my account all set up and everything is active and registered, but this is my first website I’m making myself and I have NO idea what to do first.

I have another website, www.crazyfortea.com but I did that through SBI and with them all ya really do is upload a graphic if you have 1 and write what you want to say.

However I wanted to learn how to make my own with all this MySQL, PHP, and FTP stuff so I know how to do it…so right now I’m lost haha

Can anybody point me in the right direction as to where to begin? I’d like to write my homepage today if possible.

PS - I’m going to be doing a blog as my website, using Wordpress…if that helps

You don’t really need to do any programming at all. Just go to “One-click installs” under “Goodies” in the DreamHost control panel and install WordPress into the root of your domain. Just follow the instructions and you should be good to go!

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Oh really? So I don’t have to download any html editors or anything like that?

If so that’s awesome! :slight_smile: I’ll get right on that

Thanks alot

Yeah, it’s crazy how little programming or web design you need nowadays if your needs are fulfilled by any of the off-the-shelf content management systems like WordPress works well enough for you.

But don’t worry, you’ll still pick up a good amount of skills in installing plugins and tweaking your actual post content within WordPress.

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I would suggest wordpress too as a good starting point, you can install it initially through the one click install, there is a wide community making it easy to find help to do what you want. There are many plugins and themes to choose from too.

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It takes some time to learn new things. I’ll suggest you to read this http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/KB_/_Account_Control_Panel Hope it helps

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Yea, some of my needs are met, at least to get the blog off to a start.

However as time goes on I’ll make the template more and more customized because I want to make it a very interactive blog, not just another boring blog like most others :wink: