Just signed up. Stalled during payment

Hello I have just signed up with DreamHost, but have a few problems:
I got to ‘Step 6 - Make a payment’… When I clicked ‘Charge this card now!’ the page timed out, so I didn’t get to see ‘Step 7’.
Now, I have received an e-mail ‘DreamHost Payment Receipt’, but I have not received a ‘Welcome’ message saying that my ‘free’ domain has been registered.

So I went into the ‘Web Admin Panel’ & saw that I had no domain registratrations pending (I guess this is due to the webpage timeout). So i registered my domain, first it said: “One included registration is still available on these plans (FREE for life of plan)”, next it said: “We have added mydomainname.com to our registration queue”.

So I guess I just wait.

Having to try to register the domain a 2nd time in the ‘Web Admin Panel’ leads me to believe that I am correct in thinking that the stall/freeze in the registration/process after I clicked ‘make a payment’, means that my signup is not totally complete.

Can anyone help, I feel a little in the dark… The only email I have received from DreamHost is my receipt of payment, no other info at all, no Welcome message, no instructions.

Can anyone help, what should I do next?

Thanks for listening


rootey, an expert will I’m sure advise you soon but in case it helps, the emails I received upon sign-up were:

Subject: [ ] DreamHost Payment Receipt
Subject: [ ] DreamHost Account Approval Notification!
Subject: [ ] .com registration success!
Subject: [ ] DreamHost FTP-only User Activated
Subject: [ ] DreamHost Web Service Enabled!
Subject: [ ] DreamHost Mail Account Activated

(Though slightly put off by six separate acknowledgements, I soon came to appreciate what a good thing the DH email acks are.)


Hi chrisjj - Thanks for taking the time to help out!
Your message is exactly what I needed, it makes me feel more relaxed now I know what is going happen.

I had felt totally in the dark as to what was going on, or whether hosting/registration was even succesful.

But, I guess I shall just wait patiently now (without all the stress)

Thanks again


You’re not alone, though you’ve waited longer than I have. I too got to Step 6, Payment, hit the submit button for my credit card, the page loaded for a bit, then just sat there, not loading anything. Never got to step 7. Though I did receive a confirmation email regarding the payment.

I can log in and view my account, but cannot add a domain or users because “This account is currently pending approval.”

Signed up Friday morning; it’s now 12 hours later. Suppose I’ll have to wait, too. Looking forward to those next 5 emails. Hope it doesn’t take till next week.

24 hours now, account still pending. Sent off a polite email to support to see if it can get my account running.