Just Signed Up for an account

I just want Dream to host my content, not be my DNS provider or registrar. Can I do that? If so, what server/host name/etc do I point my current DNS A record to? Thanks.

Once you get your site all set up, you can get all the DNS info you need by going to the panel here for Manage Domains and click DNS. You can then update your DNS server with the A records, etc., that you need.

Keep in mind that IP address here change from time to time, though very infrequently.

It’s much more handy to use DreamHost for DNS if your entire domain resides here. It doesn’t matter where it’s registered, though.

Thanks for the prompt response. So, I can switch to Dreamhost dns just by changing the names of the name servers at my registrar. I already have the domain set up to host email with gmail, but that can be set in the panel as well.

Yes, and yes. DreamHost can handle your hosted site and the Gmail DNS entries. As a precaution, you should note all of your current DNS entries just in case something doesn’t work.

The good news is that you don’t have to tamper with your current DNS records at your current site host. Just the Name Server portion of your domain. The DNS entries that DreamHost sets up should look very much like your old DNS entries.

Might be easier to use DH’s dns and add the custom records you supposedly need.