Just signed up, can't sign in. Waiting period?

I just signed up about an hour ago. Put in my credit card and everything. Now I can’t sign in. Is there any kind of a waiting period or anything? What is happening? I can’t even send an email to to tech support because it requires logging in.

Sorry to hear that! If you still can’t login, please send us a message using this link: www.dreamhost.com/contact

Include the info you used to sign up (name, email, etc) so we can locate your account and help get you situated. Thanks!

i added a vps and it took well under the hour they warned it might take. sometimes changes from the panel do take a little while but it usually seems to be 10 minutes or less. and there’s a different password for the control panel as for the one for your user account. make sure you get the right password for the right thing.