Just signed up and never got an e-mail

Was hoping someone could help me with this.

Using the “forgot my password” section it says it will send me the password and I never get anything in my inbox.

Check your spam filter. You’re using your email address for the login, correct? Is that email account hosted offsite, such as at Gmail?


I too have had this problem. I just signed up on the 19th by paying with paypal. I cannot access my account. It’s saying Error! Username or password is incorrect. I tried the “forgot password” option to see if it can send me my password. I have not received any email from dreamhost. It’s not in my spam nor my inbox. I’ve tried this several times.

The domain that I signed up with is gamingheavens.com.

My friend uses this hosting company for his website, he said setup was instant. So how can I get access?

When all else fails, drop them a note:


Right, did that I think about early morning on the 20th.