Just sgined up!


I just signed up on dreamhost now i want to know how i can use ssh access ?

using what ip and login Please immediately respond.

Thankyou so much.

why there is no response ? is there dreamhost telephone number where i can reach them ?[hr]
ok i read on wiki and found out how to enable ssh access from manage users.

will keep posting the results.

ok i am unable to login to ssh as the status shows pending, how long does it takes for ssh to activate on account ?[hr]
i also like to know if ssh gets mounted during interval i mean time out after 1 hour or 2 hours automatically ? because i want to transfer 40 gb files from old hosting provider so you know using scp command i can directly upload files from ssh but if there is 1 hour or 2 hour interval time then my uploads will be discontinued and disconnected and i will not be able to resume downloading using scp command.

hope someone replies.

ok my ssh is active now i am trying to scp command now from ssh access.

will update…