Just Registered

I read the post below, but I’m still a little confused. I just registered for service and am having no problem uploading, but I can’t figure out how to view anything that I have uploaded. This is normal? And when am I going to be able to see it online?


Has your domain come online yet? It usually takes a day (sometimes two) for DNS to propagate after you register a domain. During that time you can upload your site to your server, but not be able to get to your domain name.

What happens when you type your domain name into your web browser? If you get an empty directory listing, that probably means that you uploaded your site content to the wrong place. It needs to go into the ‘yourdomain.com’ directory, which is inside of your home directory.

If you need technical support, though, you should definitely contact our Support Team at support@dreamhost.com. They’ll be happy to help you out.

Good luck!

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
  • DH Discussion Forum Admin