Just registered a domain

I figured once I had registered it I could host it on my current hosting plan, and would gain another folder called domain.com next to the domain I have already purchased. This doesn’t seem to be the case, but not a big deal.

I then thought that I’d just point the domain at where i want my site to be, but I can’t manage it or anything, I can’t do anything with it other than look at it there being registered. What can I do to actully make the domain do something rather than just letting it waste time sitting there doing ‘not much’?


Did you add it to your plan as a fully hosted domain? Has it been less than a couple of hours? If the answer to both of those is yes, it may just be a matter of waiting for things to be set up properly.

I registered it a few days ago now… and I completed the registraition through the DreamHost control pannel, was never given an option to add it onto the plan.

I can see it in “Registrations” part of the CP, but no where else.

It doesn’t matter where it’s registered. You just need to make sure that wherever it is registered, it has proper DNS entries pointing to ns1.dreamhost.com, etc.

It sounds like you have a hosting plan that you expect allows you to host multiple domains (Crazy Domain Insane, perhaps?). If so, you can go into Manage Domains and set up a Fully Hosted Domain owned by your preferred user. That will create the domain.com folder in your user’s home directory next to your currentdomain.com folder.


Yes you can, but registering the domain is only the first step in the process. You must now add the new domain to the DreamHost system in the panel at Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain. Add the domain as ‘Fully Hosted’.


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Like Raz said, the option is available under Domains > Manage Domains. Once you register a domain, it’s your choice whether you want to actually host it at DH or somewhere else.

Alright, make’s sense now. I done it, do I need to wait for a while before it appears in my “manage domains” part of the CP?

And the 3 name servers from DreamHost are all on there, they were already there when I started the registration and just left them there since i knew i’d be hosted on DreamHost anyway… not exactly sure what a Name Server is to begin with :stuck_out_tongue: but they’re there.

If you’ve already done the Add Domain and put in the info for Fully Hosted (the top box on that page), then it should show up in your Manage Domains list quickly.

If you’re using Safari, it’s possible that when you click for the changes to take effect they don’t happen, as often happens to me.


I just put domain.com… Is that enough? Or should it be the URL? I put it in a while ago now, and i’m in firefox, so in theory, it should be there.

Yes just “domain.com” is fine. It shouldn’t take too long to appear; for me it usually appears as soon as I reload the page.

Did the panel display any errors when you added the domain as ‘fully hosted’?


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No error’s… but it isn’t working =/

I’m typing in “domain.com” (with my actual website domain etc.), in the “Domain to host:” part… but it doesn’t come up! It’s really annoying me to all heck.

Just to verify that you are following the correct procedure…

Goto Domains -> Manage Domains
Click on Add New Domain / Sub-Domain
Enter your domain name in the Domain to host: section.
Confirm that FTP user / CGI-runs-as user: is set to a valid user.
Click Fully host this domain now!

Your domain should then be visible in the Manage Domains section of the panel (it may take a minute or two) and you should have a new sub-directory in your home directory with the same name as your domain.

If that doesn’t work for you, I suggest lodging a support request through the panel, something might be broken.


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Then click the “Fully host this domain now”… yeap, done it and just clicked it for the third time in a row and waited a few minutes and nothing happened, waited a bit more and nothing continued to happen.

The screenshot looks fine to me.

The only other thing I can suggest (but its a long shot) is to try a different browser.

If that fails, lodge a support request detailing the problem.


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Heh, well that worked… internet explorer suceeded where firefox failed, I don’t like that =P But it’ll do.

Oh… thanks guys! you were really cool!

Excellent, I am glad you got it working.

It is strange though, as I use Firefox here, under WinXP Pro SP2, and have not encountered any problems with the panel, other than the recently fixed log-in problems.


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Try clearning out your Cache in FF, then reload the page. Perhaps it got ‘cought’ and isn’t pulling a new version for some odd reson.

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