Just received an invoice for private server. WHY?

As header. Ive just looked in my emails and seen you have sent me something saying I have ordered a private server (And on the end saying that will cost me a further $230pm)

Ive not ordered anything.

I have just looked in my control panel but cannot see how I can turn this off. I certainly aint paying $230pm for something I didnt order.

Please advise ASAP

Well, the forum is not official support so chances are no one here can look at the specific records of your account. I’d open up the panel and contact support from there, probably the quickest way to get in contact with someone from what I’ve heard.

Maybe you enables the VPS from the panel just by messing around? I almost did once when I was trying to take a look at the offering…lol

I’m sure they’ll get it sorted out unless there was some kind of resource usage issues prior to the switch…

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Hi and thanks for the reply.

I had already sent support ticket, but the reply is not what I expected. They are basically saying its a resource issue.

Considering the sites that are hosted are pretty much personal only (and Ive not been using anything much within), I am a little shocked and indeed concerned.

I have suggested they inform me what exactly it is thats using the memory that refer.

The reply suggest I will be expected to pay. I would rather just close the account down and move elsewhere.

If there are charges, that is exactly what I will do.

Well that sucks… have you installed any new software recently that runs any kind of background processes? If so, you might be able to tinker around with that or even uninstall recent changes. I saw from your post history you were recently adding subversion - I don’t know much about that software but it seems to create and recreate and recreate data…so I wonder if that’s possibly related?

Other than that, I guess make some backups and download them locally - in case you need to transfer out. :frowning:

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Subversion was never used and to be honest I never got round to using any packages to manage files.

All that is on there is 2 personal photo galleries (which are never accessed), a few minor sites that are just html driven and 2 forums, one of which is new and both are not really used.

I cannot see for the life of me I am putting any loading on any server.

I have responded to the email but as yet no reply.

But I would rather just walk away than get charged $240pm for something thats just a play object.

I just can’t believe they would sign you up without your permission. (Also, that’s the maximum amount possible with a VPS I think) Without even a warning of “hey, you are using a lot of resources…this is a warning and you might want to get a VPS”. They should also tell you exactly what is causing the problem such as “php.cgi is using 90% memory” etc…
Is there anymore info to this? Perhaps it is:

  1. A hacker somehow using your account to do bad things and use resources.
  2. A ‘legit’ process running in the background that you aren’t aware of --maybe leftover from an install gone bad (Support -should- let you know about it)
  3. An overzealous DH salesperson signed you up!

Please keep us updated! I’d really like to know the story on this one.

(Maybe I’m being a little paranoid, but I worry that DH might aggressively upsell their VPS to people that really don’t need it. “You better get our VPS or we’re shuttin ya down!” Time will tell.)

I severely doubt it. If anything, they should have recommended it to me when one of my scripts abused sql to the point they rebooted the server. it was a flaw in the 3rd party script and was calling in a sort of loop to read through 600 rows, over and over, to end up with 1 value. they fixed it by tagging a new index for me that made it read 1 row instead of 600, and it solved the script. most hosts would have shut me down and not offered an upgrade, others would have told me i neeeeeed to upgrade. DH … fixed it. So in the end, they saved me some cash, saved the sql server, and saved my ass, all at once.

That would get them fired more then likely. they’d have to notify the customer. it wouldnt be lawful to sell them a product they didnt agree to purchase. they specify in the TOS they reserve the right to shut off your account for overusing resources, not upgrade you for it.

1 and 2 are moot. they couldnt cause a magical VPS purchase. the customer would have to signup for it. DH would say hey, look, we have a problem here with X or Y and need it to be fixed. Worst case, they shut down your account. As I said in response to 3, they need to notify you.

What seems likely is that he signed up for it, or clicked signup from the page, and it signed him up. If you go to the PS portion of the panel and hit enable, then set up the setting to get the price, then hit enter or click the i want it, you should be signed up. i would think there is another are you sure page behind it, but im not testing this theory.

The other option, he gave someone else access, pissed em off, or they got curious and had billing access because it wasnt removed from their privs, and they signed up.

Seriously, there was no warning. In fact the only reason I knew was that I had a congratulations email to say the server has been made available for my use. It was only after scrolling down, that I saw mention “PS this adds $220 to your monthly charges”.

I have asked in about 4 emails for them to tell me what domain or app is causing a problem. I’ve received replies, but none that tell me the answer to this question.

At the moment, all I have been told is that it will be reviewed in a weeks time if I ask (even though they have said the account is within acceptable use ATM.) Whilst there are 2 forums being hosted, one isnt being used (apart from spammers joining to get on the memberlist with their site - but not allowed to post and another with about 10 members!

Basically all they have said is that “someone may be causing problems by trying to spam etc” but waont tell me what or where.

Totally unsatisfactory IMHO.

I can 100% assure you that what I say is true. The email reply I received in answer to my query confirms this.

Dunno where this option you refer to about “letting them upgrade”. Do you know where this is?

As for pissing someone off and they’ve had a play. Not possible. I am the only one with access and irrelivant anyway as its DH that have confirmed they did this.