Just Moved my Domains...Now Nothing Works


I just moved my domains to dreamhost, and I need to do the following:

Redirect those 2 domains to what I already have running in dreamhost. Example:

oldsite.com -> newsite.org
oldsite.org -> newsite.org

Also, Google Apps from my oldsite.org is no longer able to receive emails…how do I get this to work again?

I can only see newsite.org in my manage domains, and I see all 3 in my registrations. I have tried redirect and fully hosted and nothing is working I keep getting an error:
You can’t add that domain: you don’t have permission to add



Which domains did you transfer to DreamHost? Old or new? It sounds like you didn’t transfer the old domains to us.


DH support fixed it this morning.


Good to hear! :smiley: